Development of Steel Structure Engineering

2019-07-21 22:23:41 szbonrig

Although China has made remarkable achievements in iron structure in the early stage, due to the restriction of feudal system for more than 2000 years and the underdevelopment of science, it has remained at the level of iron buildings for a long time. It was not until the end of the 19th century that China began to adopt modern steel structure processing engineering. After the founding of New China, the application of steel structure has made great progress, both in quantity and quality, far exceeding the past. The technology of design, manufacture and installation has reached a high level. We have mastered the design and construction technology of various complex buildings. Many large-scale and complex steel structure processing plants, large-span steel structure civil buildings and railway bridges have been built all over the country. The Great Hall of the People of China Steel roof truss, steel grid of Gymnasiums in Beijing and Shanghai, three-hinged steel arch of Qinshihuang Soldier and Horse Mercenary Exhibition Hall in Shaanxi and bird's nest in Beijing, etc.

The floor processed by light steel structure is composed of cold-formed thin-walled steel frame or composite beam, floor OSB structural plate, support, connector and so on. The materials used are directional particleboard, cement fiberboard and plywood. Each square metre of these lightweight floors can withstand loads ranging from 316 to 365 kilograms. The floor structure weight of the light steel structure dwelling house in Met building is only one quarter to one sixth of the traditional concrete floor system in China, but its floor structure height will be 100-120 mm higher than that of the ordinary concrete floor system.

The number of steel structure processing buildings indicates the economic strength and economic development of a country or region. Since 2000, China's national economy has grown markedly, its national strength has increased markedly, and steel production has become a major country in the world. It is proposed that "steel should be used actively and rationally" in construction. From then on, the restraint of "limited use of steel" has been abandoned, and the number of steel-structured buildings has gradually increased in economically developed areas. Especially around 2008, with the promotion of the Olympic Games, there has been a boom in steel structure construction, strong market demand, which has promoted the rapid development of steel structure construction. A large number of steel structure venues, airports, stations and high-rise buildings have been built. Among them, some steel structure processing buildings have world-class water in production and installation technology. Ping, such as the Olympic National Stadium and other buildings.

After the Olympic Games, steel structure processing buildings have been popularized and sustained development. Steel structure processing has been widely used in construction, railways, bridges and residential buildings. Tens of thousands of steel structure enterprises of various scales have been built. The world's advanced steel structure processing equipment is basically complete, such as multi-head multi-dimensional drilling machine, multi-dimensional intersecting wire cutting machine for steel tubes, wave. Automatic welding machine tools for corrugated plates, etc. In addition, we have developed our own processing equipment and methods for bending and torsion steel components. Hundreds of steel structure enterprises have advanced production level in the world, such as super and first-class steel structure manufacturing enterprises. In recent years, steel output has reached more than 600 million tons per year, and steel varieties can fully meet the needs of construction. Specifications for steel structure design, steel structure material standards, steel structure engineering construction quality acceptance standards, as well as various professional specifications and enterprise construction methods are basically complete.

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